The American Truck Depot Story

On November 7, 2014, Anthony was on his way from work to college when he was hit and killed by a distracted driver. An employed, grown adult, a parent, a veteran, a person who had been warned, chose to ignore those warnings and made the self-serving mistake of driving blindly and making safety a non-priority. Anthony paid for that mistake with his life.

Six months after he died, I got a hand written note from Anthony. In that note he reminded me that nothing is impossible. “Impossible is a word used by the weak to justify giving up. Never give up.”

The best part about that phase is that it is authentically Anthony. That’s how he lived his life. That’s who he was.

Anthony was brilliant at being a son to his mother and a genius at being a big brother. He was hard-working, intelligent and I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone as clever and funny. He was brimming with confidence and kindness. He was my best friend who felt like my brother, but was actually my son. He was a light in this world where there is too much dark.

That day changed my life forever. Since then, I helped to create a nonprofit foundation in Anthony’s honor. The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation is on a mission to end distracted driving and be a force for good in our community. We participate in local and statewide efforts to increase road safety, especially among teen drivers. Through the work with the foundation, I came to realize there’s more that I can do, so I collaborated with some great friends and created American Truck Depot, commercial truck dealership with the best Service Center in town.